Hohauser Kuchon has built a team of personal injury lawyers committed to the highest legal, moral, and professional standards with proven success. Hohauser Kuchon has the intellectual ability to analyze and prove catastrophic cases, the financial resources to support the investment in those cases, and the sensitivity to undertake the representation of injured people in a manner calculated to their benefit above all else.

Hohauser Kuchon is one of only a handful of personal injury law firms in Michigan that have the expertise, understanding and knowledge to handle cases involving complex medical and scientific issues.

For more than 40 years, Michael Hohauser has worked to establish one of the finest reputations in the state of Michigan as a strong and honorable personal injury lawyer. He has built a Firm committed to upholding the highest legal, moral and professional standards with a proven track record of success.

The team of Hohauser Kuchon prevails with intellect and honor. Read more about our team in Hour Detroit magazine by clicking below.


Medical malpractice


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