Importance of Injury Law

February 8, 2017 9:48 am

Importance of Injury Law

The following tale of two widows illustrates the importance of injury law.

In 2002, one widow’s devoted husband of 55 years was walking his dog down a straight level country road in daylight. He was run down by a driver who was legally blind in both eyes. The negligent driver knew he was blind. His eye doctor told him. The negligent driver’s insurance paid a very substantial settlement.

The other widow’s husband was a beloved man in Flint, Michigan. A hard working factory man all of his life with many loyal friends. In 2004, he was killed when he was struck by a drunk driver. The drunk was uninsured. Fortunately, the widow was able to collect through her own insurance.

All either widow wanted was justice. The driver who killed the first widow’s husband never received a suspended license, let alone a jail term. He suffered no consequences. The drunk, who killed the other widow’s husband, faced criminal prosecution, but no real jail sentence.

The tale of these widows is a microcosm of the system of tort law, which this country has developed over many years. The money paid to both widows did not return their husbands, but helped to bring financial stability to the women’s lives and delivered a sense of justice.

When a person or their loved one is injured as a result of an automobile accident, the injured person has significant legal rights and can have substantial insurance benefits available to him or her under the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law. In cases involving serious or catastrophic injuries, these rights and benefits can be invaluable to the injured person and his or her family. To protect these rights and benefits, the situation calls for an experienced law firm capable of analyzing and addressing the many legal issues that can arise.

The attorneys at Hohauser Kuchon practice injury law with reference to a credo: Strength and Honor. With over 65 years of combined injury law experience, Hohauser Kuchon has built a team committed to the highest legal, moral and professional standards with proven success. Hohauser Kuchon has the intellectual ability to analyze and prove catastrophic cases, the financial resources to support the investment in those cases, and the sensitivity to undertake the representation of injured people in a manner calculated to their benefit above all else. Hohauser Kuchon: winning with Strength and Honor.

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