Bus Accidents

Michigan can make it difficult to file a bus accident claim. Having legal counsel experienced in bus accidents in Michigan is imperative to a successful outcome. In Michigan, the law regarding bus accidents requires that the victim serve a notice with specific information on the public transportation authority that operated the bus in question within 60 days to be eligible to file suit at a later time. Even if the injured person is unable to notify the responsible authority personally (due to injuries, coma, etc.) the transportation authority must receive written notification by someone (ideally legal representation) within 60 days.

Whether you are injured as a bus passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist or passenger of another vehicle, you may be able to file a bus accident claim. Michigan bus accidents fall under commercial truck rules and regulations and include multiple bus types, including:

  • School buses
  • Private charter buses (For example, Greyhound)
  • Vacation tour buses
  • Public transportation (This includes MDOT, SMART, DDOT and others)

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